The story is everything.


Fish for Life tells the story about Manolin, an outdated fisherman who lives in Norway. He has not caught anything in weeks. Manolin lives for his work. Unfortunately, he can no longer keep up with the new technology and also rejects it strictly.

Then one day he has reached the point, where he leaves the safe harbour and set out to the open sea. He desperately want to get his big catch. Far away from home – in unknown waters – the first fish finally bites. Surprisingly the creature is so strong that it is able to move the old fisherman’s boat. Manolin gets into a terrible storm. But the fisherman forgets everything around him.

The fight for the fish becomes a fight for survival in the end.

Manolin – the protagonist

For the 3d animated short Fish for Life Lisa Mona did the character design of the protagonist Manolin.

His colors are a dark turquoise and a dull yellow. Turquoise is the color of perseverance and concentrated tension. It stands for independence, independence and self-assertion, but also for selfishness and idealism. The color depicts Manolin’s distance from his fellow human beings – he is independent of the compassion of others and carries a feeling of emptiness. Yellow stands for an alert mind, for a lightness that is already dulled in Manolin. The color indicates a willingness to change. Connected with yellow is the new, the modern, the future. Stranded, the color yellow outweighs, as he loses his hat like rubber boots in the storm.

Manolin’s boat

The fishing boat once belonged to Sondre, Manolin’s father. Since then it has already been restored many times. The boat is old but in good condition. Its controllers are already outdated, but Manolin is comfortable with it and does not want to use newer technologies.

The character of the boat reflects the nature of the protagonist. With its bright yellow roof, it not only stands out from the water, but already announces a promising turn in Manolins history. On the roof is an anemometer, which, in combination with the hygrometer in the control cabin, promises storms.

The antagonist

The Fish Creature

The fish is young, strong, tall, unfamiliar and exotic. The creature represents a mixture of whale and shark. It can stand up with the wisdom of an old man. Its eyes are wise and clever. The color of the creature design symbolizes the passive, feminine, cool and a noble character.

The fish is a metaphor for the unplanned and unconsciousness. It shows you your inner silence.

Fish creature design

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