The Fish for Life team is grateful that their lecturers Alexander Wilhelm and Roland Keil always gave great input and feedback during the production process. Also, we want to mention the big support of our study collegues. First of all, Markus Hadinger created the rigs for Manolin and the Fish. Then Philip Pölz and Christoph Lendenfeld supported us at the shooting with the actor Michael Marwitz. Christoph gave us also scripting support in Maya. Elmar Glaubauf comes always to our rescue when we have rendering problems. Louis Nostitz gave our fisherman Manolin his distinctive voice in form of grumbling, breathing and screaming.

Furthermore, the input of some extraordinary individuals influenced the project. The 3d artist Martin Michl (pipe-studio) helped with technical support. Conrad Tambour (Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm) gave usefull feedback to the plot.

The Fish for Life team is also lucky to have the support from Chaos Group.

Fish for Life – thank you


A student project like Fish for Life dependents on the financial goodwill and support from several people.

KG Logo
KG Media Factory

We are very thankful for the financial support from the KG Media Factory.

Hagenberg Logo
Community Hagenberg

We were allowed to use the gym from the community Hagenberg for three days.

Stadt Pregarten Logo
Indoor swimming pool Pregarten

The city Pregarten allowed us to use their swimming pool for reference filming.


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