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Manolin’s background story

The 67-year-old Norwegian is a loner, proud, and self-assured with a sad background story. Manolin loves the sea and hard work. He is a fighter for whom there are no obstacles too big. Manolin is hell-bent on getting his own way. His irrepressible energy can also mislead him and with his selfish, aggressive behavior he does not make it easy for others to get through to him.

Family business

The love for fishing has been given to him in his cradle by his father Sondre. Manolin was born in
March 29, 1950, in the small fishing village Reine. He can barely remember his mother Elise. She left the little family when Manolin was still a toddler. Elise escaped family duties and joined a group of musicians. Therefore, the fisherman has always felt abandoned by his mother. He finds it very difficult to trust a woman. His heart belongs to the sea alone.

After almost 30 years on the high seas, sailing around the world as a navigator, Manolin returns to his hometown when he heard that Sondre has become seriously ill. Out of love for his father and fishing, Manolin takes over the family business. First, he was very successful. But then industrial fishing becomes widespread. One after the other all the smaller fishermen throw the towel. In the end, only Manolin persists in fishing.

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