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First shooting day

Fish for Life shooting last day with Michael Marwitz

Our first shooting day went very well. Michael Marwitz hooked us with his appropriate performance for our main protagonist Manolin. The goal is, to get the best reference for animating the 3d animated short Fish for Life.

For this purpose, we have set up several stations in the gym in Hagenberg to recreate all the settings for the movie. Most of the acting takes place on Manolins boat. The tricky part was to recreate the stormy ocean. Therefore, we use a thick gym mat that we had placed above the balls. Two people pull and push the mat, so Michael has to move on unstable ground. Other establishments from the gym complete the fake boat. Three different boat stations define the different sea states based on the storyline.

Our team is very grateful for the support from Philipp Pölz and Christoph Lendenfeld.

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