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Official selection at the streetside cinema festival

Fish for Life Streetside Cinema

We reached the great news of another official selection – this time from the streetside cinema/ festival. The team feels very thrilled, that Fish for Life will be shown in North Carolina during a time period between 1st January till 31st March.

Streetside cinema

The a/perture cinema in Winston-Salem, NC will screen a daily outdoor film program. This non-profit art-house cinema is open every day of the year and screens over 200 films each year. The festival’s aim is to reach a broader audience and to make cinema accessible to the people. streetside cinema/ will screen daily from 1st January to 31st March on the sidewalk outside of the cinema.

streetside cinema/ is an attempt to make the film a “public art”. Besides that, the festival encourages filmmakers to promote their films also to industry professionals, distributors, and the press.

On this map you can see where our animated short will be screened next year:

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