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tricky women 2020

Fish for Life at tricky women

We are proud to announce that Fish for Life will be screened at the tricky women festival 2020. Three of our four filmmakers are women. It is a great pleasure for us to appreciate this fact as well since the film industry is still dominated by men.

From March 11th to 15th, TRICKY WOMEN / TRICKY REALITIES celebrates another time women’s* creativity in animation. As every year, the festival takes place around International Women’s Day. The program creates a space in which the artistic work of women occupies the presence that it deserves.

For five days, short and long animated films, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and artist talks invite you to immerse yourself in unknown animated film worlds. The visitors can take a fresh look at social realities beyond standardized viewing habits.

Très français! This year’s focus is dedicated to the film country par excellence: France!

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