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Animation of the ocean

The ocean plays an integral role in many books and movies. Sometimes it is depicted as a calm and serene element, while in other cases it can be shown to be an unstoppable and cruel force of nature. It is no surprise then, that for many movie creators, the ocean is its own character.

The Fish for Life team was faced with the question, of how to create their own ocean for the movie. After some experimenting, it was decided to utilize a blend of different methods to properly recreate the team’s vision in the movie’s style. It was important for us, to have complete control over the movements. As such, the biggest waves are animated by hand in order to guide our main character and his ship. The details of the water are simulated using Maya’s own ocean systems. These details are then added to the animated waves to create a believable surface.

Finally, we use a particle system to create sea spray and foam to give an even more spectacular look.

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